Deepen Your Story Critiques

Manuscript Critiques Include

  • A deep read that's designed to identify your manuscript's essential strengths and weaknesses

  • Powerful analysis of plot, character, pacing, theme, voice, and marketability

  • Clear editorial direction on prioritizing revisions and taking the next steps

  • Fresh market research on competitor titles and suggested mentor texts

  • Inspiring and empowering feedback that will help you take your manuscript to the next level

  • A personal touchstone you can return to in the revision process

Heidi’s critique was incredibly insightful and lit a fire within me. Her feedback inspired me to dig into my manuscript and make revisions. Afterward I felt more prepared to submit my work with confidence. Her insightful critique is 100% worth the money, and my favorite part of working with her was developing a friendship with a fellow book lover who cares about my work.
— Meghann Albright, Writer
Heidi is so lovely to work with! I’ve collaborated with her on a variety of projects, and her thoughtful edits always elevate my manuscripts. I’ve recommended Heidi to other authors and will definitely be seeking her expertise again in the future!
— Lauren Ranalli, Writer
Heidi makes the editing process a breeze to understand, and she took the time and care to understand what I wanted to say. She didn’t just critique my manuscript, she infused my story with a deeper meaning. Working with her gave me the confidence to put my work out there. Next time I write, I’ll be thinking about how I can give my stories more heart, or maybe I’ll just hire Heidi again. Working with her was absolutely delightful!
— Shelley Couvillion, Illustrator and Writer

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  • Authors

  • Agents

  • Publishers

Learn How You Can

  • Deepen your story

  • Discover what makes
    your book special

  • Elevate your manuscript

  • Submit with confidence

Specialties Include

  • Picture books

  • Chapter books

  • Middle grade

  • Nonfiction for kids

  • Novelty books

I am blown away. How lovely to get your insight and have it be so deep and wide-ranging, so clearly articulated, and so kindly put. You have far exceeded my hopes and expectations about what you might do.
— Pat Dobie, Writer and Editor
I recommend working with Heidi as she only wants to see you succeed. She takes the time to give detailed feedback that’s critical yet positive. The manuscript critique helped me both trim and expand my story. I wish I could hire her full-time.
— Sean Gallagher, Writer and Illustrator
Wow! You have surprised and delighted me. I am truly thankful for your time, effort, thoughts, and suggestions. In addition, your subtle emotional support is real and has me fired up to move forward. Overall an excellent experience!
— Thressa Smith, Writer and Editor