Fortune bookies are my way of sprinkling a little literary magic in bookstores, libraries, and gifts to friends. They're designed to celebrate books and connect readers with writers, illustrators, librarians, teachers, editors, publishers, and other book lovers. You can tuck one in a gift, sneak one in a favorite title at the bookstore, or simply save one for a rainy day. If you've found a fortune bookie, you know what a delicious surprise it is to discover a secret message in your book. Messages include "This is the book you seek," "When one book closes, another opens," and other oh-so-wise words. You can trust that the fortune bookie knows all, and the right message will find you at the right time. Or you can scroll down to learn how to make your own or request a free box of fortune bookies. I would love to send a little magic your way too!

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Make Your Own 

Want to throw a fortune-bookie party and make your own? You can download these messages or write your own. Let's share the fun with readers of all ages!


Watch the video for step-by-step,
easy-peasy instructions. 

Request a Free Box

Or email me to request a free box of takeout reading magic! Just send a mailing address, and I'll do my best to get them to you. (Please know I have a real baby and book babies to attend to, but I love making fortune bookies, so as soon as I have time, I will make a box and send them to you with love. I hope you'll think of not knowing when you'll get them as part of the surprise. Thanks for your patience and understanding!)