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Read Like a Writer

Read Like a Writer is a book club for picture book writers. It’s an easy way to commit to studying and practicing our craft. And the best part is we get to do it together!

Read Like a Writer Includes:

  • Monthly discussions
  • Playful, open ended prompts and live writing sessions
  • Access to a private Instagram account where a lively community shares questions and insights
  • A warm, curious approach to studying picture books

Become a Member to:

  • Practice writing
  • Study your craft and deepen your skills
  • Get inspired to work on your own manuscripts
  • Understand trends in the market
  • Renew your love of picture books

To keep Read Like a Writer cozy and productive, there are only 25 spaces available each month!

What Does It Mean to Read Like a Writer?

Slow down. Read every word. Take notes. Then mull them over. Think about the elements you struggle with in your own writing. Ask questions. Share your insights. Absorb new ideas. Practice new skills in a playful way. Repeat.  

Reading like a writer is a mindset and a process that’s filled with intention and curiosity. It’s a practice that helps us understand the how and why of a book. How did the author tell the story? And why did the author make those choices?    

As you slow down, read closely, and take time to reflect, you'll find yourself making connections and savoring the art of children's literature in ways that are hard to do when you're quickly flipping through the latest titles in the bookstore.

This is a place  to read slowly, think about the books we admire, and enjoy some juicy conversations with each other. Want more ideas on how you can read like a writer? Download a sneak peek of the welcome guide here!

A Powerful Practice

Whether you commit to reading once a day, once a week, or once a month, this is a powerful practice. Even when we don't have the time, energy, or inspiration to write, we can read. A few of the benefits include: 

  • Deepening our skills 
  • Getting inspired  
  • Understanding the market  
  • Keeping us in touch with our art, even when we aren't writing 

I'm confident that reading more will make you want to write more. Sometimes the reading will influence your work directly. You'll remember a word or a transition that you can use in your own work. But other times, the influence will be subtler and more personal, the same way that what we see in a tarot card says more about us than about the fate of the universe. Reading helps us find our own solutions. They're wherever we look for them. We just need to start looking. And the more we practice, the easier it gets.

One other benefit of joining Read Like a Writer is that you'll get to meet other picture book writers. I hope you'll find a sense of community and feel connected to all the great work that's being done around us. It just might inspire your next book!  

How It Works

It all happens on Instagram in the private @readlikeawriter_ community!

At the beginning of each month, I'll announce which book we'll be discussing, so you'll have time to order the book or request it from the library. I'll post questions to guide your reading. Then you’ll take notes and share your insights with the Read Like a Writer community. 

Once a month, we'll write together. The prompts will be inspired by the books we read and designed to make practicing our craft fun. You can join us live on Instagram, watch the replay, or write on your own whenever it's easiest for you. We're here to keep you accountable and cheer you on.

Throughout it all, I'll be your host, asking questions, prompting discussions, and making introductions to books and people I hope you'll love.  I'll also be reading alongside you, looking forward to hearing your insights. 

Want to learn more? Download a sneak peek at the welcome guide here!

Ready to study books and analyze how to apply those same literary techniques to your own work?