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I help publishers and creatives transform ideas into books that are memorable and meaningful. Whether it’s a poetic picture book, a chapter book about a confetti princess, a multi-volume, multi-verse sci-fi series, or a funny nonfiction guide to building a yurt from scratch, I'm an expert at understanding the essence of a manuscript and envisioning a way forward. After writing and editing over 300 books, I’m passionate about taking time to do the deep thinking that’s needed to help my clients publish with confidence and create books that are celebrated by readers and reviewers alike. Below is a sampling of the books I’ve worked on.  You’ll find a full list of my published works here.

Heidi’s editorial direction has consistently resulted in manuscripts that receive good reviews from School Library Journal, Booklist, and Library Media Connection. Heidi is a truly talented idea girl, with a quirky imagination. Her enthusiasm, calm demeanor, and sense of humor make working with her a very positive experience.
— Timothy J. Bradley, Writer

 I would love to hear about your latest project. Email me to discuss how we might work together, or download a guide to learn more about my process.